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Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Parts of a computer you need to know

Parts of a computer:
The major computer parts include:-
MONITOR: This is one of the output devices on a computer system, it display information in various forms according to the task being processed, the monitor looks like a television with a rectangular shape.
CPU:  (also known as central processing unit) this is otherwise known as the brain of a computer, it is responsible for every task a computer evaluates.
Also controls the system and application software.
KEYBOARD: it is another input device; it is used to send commands to the computer with the aid of the keys located on it.
MOUSE: this is another computer input device; it is used to select commands on a computer
“Commands displayed on the monitor” it has a mouse-like shape
Some other peripheral devices include:
PRINTER:  a printer when attached to a computer is used to print out any processed information.
CAMERA: when attached to a computer is used to picture and send images into the computer.
SCANNER: when attached to a computer is used to scan documents, pictures and some other valuable images to the computer.

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